Real Estate Testing (OR)

Approximate Turnaround Times

2-3 Business Days:

  • Bacteria (P/A) Test

10-12 Business Days:

  • Real Estate Transaction 

Expedited Testing:
Please contact the lab if you’re looking to expedite your testing for an additional fee.

Best Practices

  • Start your testing process early.
  • Know your lenders specific stipulations.
  • Is a 3rd party sampler required?
  • Specific contaminants required?
  • VA & FHA loan types may require more specific tests.
  • Client & Realtor email on form if both wish to receive results.
    We only send results to the email listed on the chain of custody.

Well Basics?

  • Take a look at the pump house and pump.
  • How deep is your well?
  • Does your water leave stains?
  • Is there adequate flow/pressure?
  • Does the water taste and smell good?
  • Look at a glass of water for clarity and particulates.
  • Is there a treatment system and has it been maintained?
  • What type of treatment system is it?
    Softener, UV, Charcoal, Reverse osmosis?


The bottles necessary for the tests listed below will be a 1 Liter bottle and a Bacteria bottle. 
The bacteria bottle contains a white substance which is a preservative. 

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Test For Real Estate Transaction

Oregon has a standard test group required for real estate transactions.

Bottles Required: 1L Bottle / Bacteria Bottle

Test GroupAnalytes TestedPrice
Real Estate TransactionColiform/E.coli (P/A), Arsenic, Nitrate$135.00

Water Treatment System

The EWS Well Report test is perfect for those looking to install a treatment system and need a bit more information to determine the type of treatment you need.

Bottles Required: 1L Bottle / Bacteria Bottle

Test GroupAnalytes Tested
EWS Well ReportIron Related Bacteria, Silica, Alkalinity, Sodium, pH, Manganese, Iron, Hardness as CaCO3, Electrical Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids, Chloride, Sulfate, Arsenic, Mercury, Lead, Fluoride, Nitrite-N, Nitrate-N, Total Nitrate + Nitrite as N

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